1. Photoshop

The most famous photo editor of Adobe arrives on the podium. Community managers regularly publish numerous photos on social networks to maximize the commitment and understanding of their ads, and wish to offer quality visuals.

2. Gimp

Community managers who do not want to buy the Adobe Photoshop suite and need a more powerful publisher than Canva or Adobe Spark are mostly turning to GIMP, the free alternative to modify their photos.

3. Pixabay

To download free images, under the Creative Commons CC0 license, community managers chose the famous Pixabay.

4. Freepik

Discover millions of vectors, photos and PSD files not protected by copyright. Graphic resources for personal and commercial use. Thousands of new files downloaded daily.

5. Mailjet

Mailjet allows you to send emails (free up to 6,000 emails per month). You can also program your transactional (automated) emails.

6. Farsem

Farsem.com allows to make automated publications in several groups Facebook, Publication Type “Immediate” or “Scheduled / Recurring”.

You choose the groups where you want to send your publications, you determine your target from different Facebook groups to which you are a simple member or administrator. You set your planning days and schedules to send publications to the selected Facebook groups Farsem handles your mailings.

7. MailChimp

Sometimes community managers become experts in emailing. And to send their emails, they favor Mailchimp, free tool up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 sendings per month. The price evolves according to the number of subscribers and functionalities.

8. Gramblr

Gramblr is a desktop software for uploading photos and videos to Instagram. Convenient if you need to post pictures on Instagram from your PC.

9. Pirsoum

Pirsoum.com is a team of CM, who take care through their algorithms to make you known on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin for companies, with a work transparency never seen before.

They support you and search for you the most relevant targets to market with their automation tools and their marketing vision in “Big Data Broking”.

10. Final Cut Pro

Apple’s Final Cut Pro is the first video editing software cited by community managers using Mac. Viral video is in vogue on social networks, the CM have understood.

11. Camtasia

PC video editing software with many features used by community managers. Videos make the Buzz on social networks so here is the reference software for PCs

12. SEMrush

Community managers are true jack-of-all traders, they use SEMrush to know what to write in their contents.

13. Trello

The best tool to manage your tasks and projects. Trello is a platform that adapts to your personal organization and is very useful for collaborating, coordinating schedules and tasks.